"Friedrich assis" - 2009 - 80 x 120 x 90 cm - Mathieu Schmitt

seated “Friedrich”

2009 galvanized steel, seat, radio, bodyshakers, amplifier, springs 80 x 120 x 90 cm

Seat version of the “Friedrich” installation, based on the principle of diffusion / capture of the “Jurgenson” frequency. Here the chair frame is connected to the radio antenna, and bodyshakers are fixed under the seat. In this way, the chair user is at the same time the sensor signal and the distribution system: the bodyshakers using it as a speaker membrane. The unit has been set to the frequency Jurgenson: 1485kHz. The bodyshakers reproduce bass frequencies by vibrating chair. A person sitting on will feel a slight vibration, rocking first, but gradually all organs of the body will be affected by these waves, making it more uncomfortable and nauseous. It is a physical experience that bypasses the will of user, inevitably causing the rupture of the related physical relationship between the work and the person wanting to understand.