2009 video, sound, sensor variable dimensions , video loop

Phantom is a reactive video-sound installation. It is mainly composed of a video projection and sound diffusion.

Video: a perambulation between the dead trees without a time or place indicator: a virtual landscape. It is human scaled video-projected , tangent to the ground.

Sound: as the video, the sound source is artificial. One word: “phantom”, recorded using a voice synthesis software, is extended to 3 minutes, creating a jerky soundscape that combines the different layers of bass and treble forming its base.

This installation forces the viewer to hdopt a posture of listening and looking. In fact, every sound above a certain threshold cut the spread of the video, which gradually reappears a few seconds later. Forced into silence, the audience can hear the broadcast of the soundtrack, which is low volume. Once in this position, they are an integral part of the installation: they play their roles of wandering souls, motionless and silent, moving mentally in the offered virtual universe.