"Friedrich" - 2009 - variable - Mathieu Schmitt


2009 steel, speakers, radio

“Friedrich” – 2009 – variable

This installation is based on the researches and works of Friedrich Jürgenson. Former opera singer, painter, he spent the end of his life to research and record the messages that deceased persons would send. In fact, he discovered that we captions better dead at 1485kHz: frequency that now bears his name. All these records have been preserved and are available, we hear only a vague white noise (commonly a “shhhhhhhhhhh”) and a few crunches, who, after equalization, deliver the message. Both gramophone amplification system shaped structures broadcast this “Jurgenson” frequency, captured live by a radio reciever. The room is so filled with white noise that is modulated according to our location in space. The phenomenon that interests me here is precisely what causes prolonged listening to the white noise :apophenia. In psychiatry, a apophenia is an alteration of perception, which leads an individual to assign a particular meaning to mundane events by reporting unmotivated between things. In psychology this phenomenon is a distortion of perception that can lead to schizophrenia. Some see in this phenomenon an explanation of the link between psychosis and creativity. The viewer is directly subject to this acoustic phenomenon, making its own interpretation of various crunches, modulations or sound illusions undoubtedly involved in listening. Real physical phenomena and imaginary interventions (or not) mingle to form a particular soundscape for each.