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Glitched /serial

Glitched is a set started in 2013. It is currently composed of two pieces composed as follows: in a smoked glass cube, which allows only very little light, is a diorama, a revival of a scene in volume, scaled. in Glitched#1, you can see a road, streetlights, trees, bushes, various urban elements and a house. (…)

escape from morellet-title

Escape From Morellet

2550x100x100 cm + variable - 2014



110x45x45 cm - 2014

Cadavres Exquis - Mathieu Schmitt - 2014 - détail

Cadavres Exquis

There are three plants, each one is connected by an electrode to an Arduino, controlling the tiny electrical changes in them. Interpreting these changes as a real desire of these plants, significantly different each time; they “choose” each a part of the exquisite corpse in a database, and once the three choices are made, it’s printed on the paper roll … ad lib.

module d'isolation / contemplation de données - 2013 - Julien Dutertre & Mathieu Schmitt

Isolation module / data contemplation

Julien Dutertre & Mathieu Schmitt / 2013


Self-consciousness Red&Blue

Three electrodes are planted in three different branches of the shrub. Each captures minute electrical changes occurring in the plant. The data are interpreted and translated into wishes to have more / less light in any part, the variations are significantly different according to the light intensity received by the latter and its dominant color (blue or red). Thus, it is the shrub itself that controls the intake light, following an attempt to interpret these electrical signals as self-consciousness.

Oui Ja - 2013 - d=200cm - Mathieu Schmitt

Oui Ja

The wooden tray stands on three electric cylinders controlled by an Arduino. It interprets radio signals captured on the “Jurgenson” frequency (1485kHz) which is the frequency at which Friedrich Jurgenson has recorded most messages from deceased persons. By its own weight and according to the inclination of the plate, the arm rotates and indicates a letter, a number, (…)


35 Hard drive speakers playing the voice record of their own title expanded to the lenght of the exhibition

35 hard drives are modified to speakers. The shape of the installation may vary. the only fact that is important is to respect the title, wich is nothing else than the description of the installation: 35 hard drives speakers playing audio recording of their own title, registration stretched the length of the exhibition. [...]



2012 -polished stainless steel, MDF framework, magnets - 100 x 100 x 100 cm

"Friedrich assis" - 2009 - 80 x 120 x 90 cm - Mathieu Schmitt

seated “Friedrich”

Seat version of the “Friedrich” installation, based on the principle of diffusion / capture of the “Jurgenson” frequency. Here the chair frame is connected to the radio antenna, and bodyshakers are fixed under the seat. In this way, the chair user is [...]

"Friedrich" - 2009 - variable - Mathieu Schmitt


This installation is based on the researches and works of Friedrich Jürgenson. Former opera singer, painter, he spent the end of his life to research and record the messages that deceased persons would send. In fact, he discovered that we captions better dead at 1485kHz: frequency that now bears his name. [...]

Outil Non Trivial #2 - 2008 - 180 x 120 x 100 cm - Mathieu Schmitt


irst nontrivial machine of the series, Hexapod came from a desire to invest the ceiling and flee the Real. What’s more natural than a vehicle to explore this unusual plan, based on the movement of cockroaches and [...]

Chamois-Scarabée - 2007 - 110 x 100 x 40 cm - Mathieu Schmitt


Chamois - scarrab is a part of the “provisional species,” defined and illustrated by French caricaturist Grandville. Illuminating the plexiglass sculpture reveals the whole process of creation. In fact, we obtain the three-dimensional technical drawing of the object on the ground, as well as patrons of the component parts to the wall. The sculpture here reveals totally itself despite of its ghostly and illusory appearance.