born July 13, 1981 in Thionville (France) lives and works in Nice (France)

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GALLERY: Catherine Issert gallery

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My practice is primarily sculptural, but extends to many other mediums: video, sound, drawing and installation, which enable me to invest in other fields and thus enlarge my investigation area. On my main activity, I consider my works as generators of uncertainty instruments, asking about their features, functionality or fictionnalities and engaging the imagination, memory and the body of the viewer. These sculptures are based primarily on the research of Heinz von Foerster, an Austrian scientist and philosopher, founder of cybernetics, that he proposes to enter into a post-digital age. In fact, we would have arrived at the end of digital systems, which do not leave any place for error, Heinz Von Foerster concluded therefore the need for the creation of systems allowing, or creating errors to discover new shapes: nontrivial tools.

The very status of the sculptural object is in question: can we (and should we) use these non-trivial tools and machines or should we simply observe them? Are their shape induced by a function, are they deliberate, or ares they simply a “drawing in space”? (See non-trivial Tool # 1, non-trivial Tool # 2, * [asterisk]) These sculptures voluntarily leave much to the imagination, since the shape and the materials used can refer to different settings (sports, medical, etc..). (See Hexapod)

Then my work in drawing, collage, painting (Phantoms series, EraseAllTracesOfHumanity series) begin with an observation about the architecture: it is made by man for himself. The series EraseAllTracesOfHumanity, and as the name suggests, offers structures to erase all vestiges of man after his hypothetical (and more than probable) death. The Animal is always present and it is now he who gives a the scale of the drawing. Etched directly into the glass, it ensures discreet, these proposals biodegradable destructive architectures bringing Earth to pre-human state. The Phantoms series, which began two years later, is the result of the evolution of the designs of the previous series in a logical simplification.

In my sculptures, installations and drawings, the human occupies a very important place, but nevertheless be present. Indeed, my work deals with para human and post human, while conducting a real investigation in purely sculptural and pictorial fields.

“La désillusion n’est la perte d’une évidence que parce qu’elle est l’acquisition d’une autre évidence.”
(The disappointment is the loss of evidence only because it is acquiring another highlight.)



LMY, MY, MY, DELILAH - Catherine Issert Gallery | from 2/28 to 4/26 2014 | St Paul de Vence


SUPERSTRATA - Compound Gallery | from July, 18th toSeptember, 6th 2015| Oakland, CA
variations Le Corbusier - Centre International d’Art Contemporain / Carros | from 5/5 to 9/25 2015 | Carros
3DPrint Show - Center 548 | from April,15 to April,19 2015 | New York
Art Paris - Grand Palais | from March,25th to March,29th 2015 | Paris
Wish You Were Here - Galerie Catherine Issert | from 12/12/2014 to 1/31/2015 | St Paul de Vence
Summer Show #1 - Catherine Issert Gallery | from June,27 to August,16 2014 | St Paul de Vence
Featuring… - Cité Internationale des Arts | from June,6 to June,12 2014 | Paris
Black Mesa - Villa Caméline | from 10/12 to 11/11 2013 | Nice
Entrée libre mais non obligatoire / Noêl Dolla - Centre d’Art de la Villa Arson | from 6/30 to 10/21 2013 Nice
Nautilus - De l’Art | from 6/26 to 7/20/2013 | Nice
Aufwachen ! Besser machen ! - Kleine Humboldt galerie | from 6/13 to 7/10/2013 | Berlin / Germany
New Abstract Generation - Le Box | summer 2012 | Marseille
ryhmänäyttely - Macumba Night Club | from 12/10 2011 to 1/31/2012 | Nice
Les Quatre Cavaliers -La zonmé | November,5th & 6th 2011 | Nice
L’art contemporain et la côte d’Azur: 5/6 - Catherine Issert Gallery | from 9/6 to 9/24 2011 | St Paul de Vence
Drawing Now -Carrousel du Louvre - Catherine Issert Gallery | from 25th to 28th of March 2011 | Paris
Group Show -Catherine Issert Gallery | December 2010 & January 2011 | St Paul de Vence
3ème concours artistique CCI Marseille Provence -Palais de la Bourse | September & October 2010 Marseille
Double Bind (arrêtez d’essayer de me comprendre) -Centre d’Art de la Villa Arson | from 2/5 to 5/30 2010 Nice
“Santé!” -galerie a. -galerie de la Marine | from 6/26 to 9/20 2009 | Nice
“CitySonics #7″ from 6/26 to 7/26 2009 | Mons / Belgium
54eme Salon d’art contemporain de Montrouge from 4/30 to 5/20 2009 | Montrouge


2010 - Winner of the 3rd art contest of the Chambre du Commerce et de l’Industrie de Marseille | Marseille
2009 - DNSEP at National School of the Villa Arson | Nice
2007 - DNAP at National School of the Villa Arson | Nice
2005 - Master in Multimedia Systems, Napier University | Edinburgh / Scotland
2003 - DUT Telecommunications and Networks, IUT GTR | Sophia Antipolis



2015 - “L’Oeil” #675 / January 2015 / p.26
2014 - “Impressions d’ateliers II” / South Art éditions / p.174 to p.179