// Black Mesa

// from October, 12th to November,11th 2013 // Villa Caméline / NICE / FRANCE

An idea of Florimond Dupond, Damien Levy, Maxime Martins, Jean-Louis Paquelin & Mathieu Schmitt

with Sylvain Block, Florimond Dupond, Julien Dutertre, Quentin Euverte, Damien Levy, Maxime Martins, Jean-Charles Michelet, Valérie Morraja, Jean-Louis Paquelin & Mathieu Schmitt.


Black Mesa is a research laboratory of artistic production and film. In the form of a temporary autonomous zone, it invests a certain order to produce a singular system space. Black Mesa, shortcut of Black Mesa Research Facility is a fictional research complex located in the desert of New Mexico in the United States of America. It is the venue of the first events of the video game “Half Life”.