Mathieu Schmitt - Arrimage #08072017 - 2017 - photo: François Fernandez
Mathieu Schmitt - void setup(){//colonnes VGA - 2017 - photo: François Fernandez
moulin a neige -title

un Air de grand Verre: void setup(){

from 11/18/2016 to 12/30/2016
6 Place Wilson / Nice / France

cadavres exquis suspendus-title
simulation arc en ciel - title
les martyrs-title
gallerie issert - glitched - 001b

Glitched 1:1

The volume of the office of Catherine Issert gallery was modeled on a 3D software, then underwent alterations, following a relatively similar process as for the volumes of the “Glitched” series. Here, that glitch has been realized at a 1:1 scale, confronting the viewer’s body and surrounding works directly to the erroneous architectural volume.

escape from morellet-title

Escape From Morellet

2550x100x100 cm + variable - 2014


Unpacked LC2

On the wall, 6 glass paintings. They seem at first view smooth, clear, precise (// cold), but many scratches, traces of adhesive tape and scales betray the human hand that has made them​​. (…)

module d'isolation / contemplation de données - 2013 - Julien Dutertre & Mathieu Schmitt

Isolation module / data contemplation

Julien Dutertre & Mathieu Schmitt / 2013


Self-consciousness Red&Blue

Three electrodes are planted in three different branches of the shrub. Each captures minute electrical changes occurring in the plant. The data are interpreted and translated into wishes to have more / less light in any part, the variations are significantly different according to the light intensity received by the latter and its dominant color (blue or red). Thus, it is the shrub itself that controls the intake light, following an attempt to interpret these electrical signals as self-consciousness.

"Friedrich" - 2009 - variable - Mathieu Schmitt


This installation is based on the researches and works of Friedrich Jürgenson. Former opera singer, painter, he spent the end of his life to research and record the messages that deceased persons would send. In fact, he discovered that we captions better dead at 1485kHz: frequency that now bears his name. [...]

* astérisque (1) - 2009 - dimensions variables