Unpacked LC2

2014 wood, straps, frames, paintings on glass 72x76x69 + 4x(52×42) + 2x(72×52) cm
unpacked LC2 - Mathieu S

@Catherine Issert gallery - 2014

On the wall, 6 glass paintings. They seem at first view smooth, clear, precise (// cold), but many scratches, traces of adhesive tape and scales betray the human hand that has made them​​. At first glance, these geometric abstractions do not tell no story, an arrangement of colors and decorative forms, but in details they provide us with their faults (which are some times also their qualities), each with a different personality.

On the floor stand the crates of these paintings. Arranged in a certain way, strapped and placed on a transport cart, they show the exact LC2 armchair volume, designed by Le Corbusier.